Tips For Staying Healthy

Tips For Staying Healthy


The way you drink water can decide your fitness level.


Avoid drinking water just before or after meals –When we eat food, the body temperature increases due to the formation of a digestive fire. When we drink water just after or before the meals, the body temperature decreases which hinders the digestion process.

Avoid drinking water while standing –When we drink water in a standing position, due to gravity the water hits the food pipe with a larger force which result in the upward movement of the gastric juices of the stomach. This is a medical condition called G.E.R.D (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease.

Always drink water sip by sip –This helps the saliva to move along with the water to stomach. Our saliva is basic in nature and hence helps the stomach overcome acidity if any. Moreover, Science has proven that the saliva produced in our mouth has many medicinal properties.

Let water be the first thing in the morning– The saliva produced overnight is most effective and hence water should be drunk before brushing or rinsing the mouth. Also drinking water early morning improves the bowel movement.

Avoid Chilled water –Chilled water increases weight. Yes! when we drink chilled water, the food inside the stomach tends to solidify and hence in the long run it increases the body weight.

Drink at least 3 liters of water everyday –This helps your body stay hydrated as it is most important to keep the metabolism up.


If the colour of your urine is dark yellow.. – Dehydrated

If the lips are getting parched….- Dehydrated


Everybody must consume a certain quantity of protein irrespective of their age,gender or activity level.

A person who doesn’t workout must or has low activity level should consume protein in grams equal to his/her body weight in kg. This means 60 g of protein for a 60 kg person.

Protein is essential for wear and tear of the body, to keep hair healthy and much more.



Chicken Breast has 30 g of protein/ 100g .

Egg White: 1 egg white has around 4 g of protein.

Fish : 100g of fish has around 25 g of protein.



Black Beans – 19 g protein/100g

Chickpeas – 18 g protein/100g

black chana – 18 g protein/100g

Paneer – 18 g protein/100g

Soya chunks – 52 g protein/100g



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