How to get cash from ATM

How to get cash from ATM

After demonetization of 500  and 1000 rupees notes by the government, every one is running short of cash. Many ATMs are without cash. The ATMs that have cash have long queue. How to get cash ??



People are suffering as they now have no money to transact. Moreover, many have stormed the banks to exchange their money but that’s not an easy task. The banks have been overcrowded with a huge number of people further making the task even more difficult.



How to find ATMs in your locality that have cash ??

Some apps and websites claim to inform on which ATMs have cash in a particular locality. But As it turns out these are fake. Believe us, there is no such app or website that gives correct information. Because the banks have not given any portal for gathering such info.

However, you can follow some simple tips to get cash.

  1. Visit the bank where you have an account. Bank employees will be willing to provide their own customers with notes of their choice of denomination. Average waiting time would be an hour. You can get maximu
  2. Ask the bank employees, what is their ATM cash filling schedule. ATM machines are getting empty within 2/3 hours of  cash refill. You should visit the ATM just after their cash refill schedule.
  3. Visit the ATMs of private banks. The centralized banks usually have more customers and hence the long queues. Whereas private banks have equal cash but lesser customers. Hence less rush.

Happy banking!!

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