Funny Story – Queen’s Ass

Funny Story – Queen’s Ass

In a small roman kingdom, there ruled a old king. He married a much younger Lady from a distant town and made her the Queen of Queens. This was a major topic of discussion through out the kingdom. The king was a bit jealous and happy at the same time.

The capital had a tradition of organizing races for donkeys on bi-weekly basis. The race was quite popular in local news.

A servant of king had a healthy donkey. The servant entered his donkey in the race & coincidentally won. The local paper read: ‘SERVANT’s ASS WON’. The news spread among all the employees of the King. The old King got a bit jealous with such publicity of the servant. The King informed the servant that his new Queen wants the donkey and ordered the servant to sell it to the King.

donkey wins race

The servant, out of all options, gave the donkey to the queen. The local paper then published: “NEW QUEEN HAS THE BEST ASS IN TOWN”. The King became very upset. The King compelled the Queen to sell the donkey to a farmer for… $10. Next day paper read: “NEW QUEEN SELLS HER ASS FOR $10”. The King fainted. This was too much, King ordered the queen to buy back the donkey & leave it in the jungle.

The next day Headlines: “NEW QUEEN ANNOUNCES HER ASS IS WILD & FREE”. The king died next day in a heart stroke.


Moral of the story: The news even though literally correct, may not send the correct meaning to people. People may talk good or bad about you. Be “Happy” or “Sad”, it is upto YOU.

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