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Sudarshan Pattnaik – The Odia Sand Artist

Sudarshan Pattnaik – The Odia Sand Artist

Sudarsan Pattnaik was born in Puri nearly 60 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha. He is the inventor of sand art in India. He started sculpting images on sand since the age of seven and has designed hundreds of sand sculpture. In the recent years people have started focusing on this art form. Being born to a poor family, his childhood dream was beyond reach in the shape of education, but destiny has reserved something else for him. He is now the one of the most popular sand artists. He has won many national and international awards for his creative designs and has recorded his name in the World records.

Sand_art sleeping lady

His achievements are :

  • Created World record’s on sand sculpture at puri beach in 2006, 2007,2008, 2009, 2010 which was placed in Limca Book of World record.
  • 2001 ITALY 3rd prize in world’s master Sand Sculpturing championship.
  • Felicitated and awarded by the Hon’ble President of India Smt. Pratibha Devi singh Patil at Puri beach in Odisha.
  • 2005 Germany 1st Prize at3rd Berlin International Sand Sculpture competition.

He is a humble guy who provides training to artists through open air Sudarsan Sand Art Institute at Puri beach that he started in 1994 with a view to make these students learn and develop sand art as a professional art form. Students from India and abroad are enrolled for projects, regular and short term courses. His objective is to create professional artists through regular curriculum in this school of art and culture in a Gurukul concept.

He has even published a few books regarding SAND ART. He occasionally conducts training and workshops on sand art in different Fair and Festivals around the countries to promote and popularize this art. He also got to perform sand animation show at the opening ceremony of Common Wealth Game 2010 at New Delhi. Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Odisha has appointed him as Government nominee (Executive member) of Odisha Lalita Kala Academy(that promotes local culture/dance).

Now he is a brand ambassador for National Aluminum Company Limited (NALCO) and International Sand Art Festival of Odisha. Some of his notable creations are


sand art go green

sand art Gandhi

sand art Santa World peace

sand art Goddess

sand art stop terrorismsand art mother teresa

sand art Hindu Lord Ganesha


Such Girls killed our faith in girls

Such Girls killed our faith in girls

Have you ever found a girl in trouble ? Have you tried to help ? You should. But how would you feel if the reward is Prison!!

This is based on a true experience. A girl made an innocent boy a scapegoat just to avoid bad name for her Boyfriend. Such girls killed our faith on girls. This raises a question – Can we trust unknown Girls who are in need for help ?


It was 3 years back. I was on my bicycle after attending 5 long hours of coaching. My board exams were near. It was dark and the street was empty. While I was passing by, I heard a noise from one corner of the street. A girl was shouting while a guy was beating her. I didn’t know what to do. They were older than me. That guy was robbing her. He took out money from her purse. There was no one in the street except me and those two. Somehow I gathered some courage and went near. I shouted out to that guy to stop it. He saw me angrily, came and slapped me and told me to get out of there. The girl was shivering in fear and needed help. I went far from them and shouted “police” to make him scare even though there was nobody. After hearing this, he started his bike and ran away. Luckily, I had noted the number of his bike. He left all the valuables of the girl in hurry. I went near her and told her to call the police or any of her relative or friend. She called her elder brother and told something in her language which I didn’t understand. He came there after few minutes and stared me giving an ugly look. I really didn’t know why he did that. They were talking in their language. I told them that I had to leave. But her brother told me not to go and he had informed the police. Now two policemen on bike arrived there. Thinking of getting appreciation from them what I really heard from them was scary and shocking. Her brother told them that I was robbing the girl and also molested her. I was like wtf. I went numb. I really had no idea what to say. I didn’t speak for a moment because all this happened suddenly and was unexpected. One of the policemen noticed my bag and inquired what was there in that. I told him that it was my school bag having some books. They snatched the bag and started checking. I told the girl to tell them truth but to my surprise she refused to do so. I really couldn’t believe whatever was happening out there. Now they took away my phone and checked if there is anything suspicious. They told me to call my father and I did. Initially I refused because I didn’t want anyone to get involved in this thing. I had decided not to share this incident to anyone. But now things had changed. I was blamed for things which I didn’t commit. My father came. He knew the truth. I told him everything. As he was army officer, the police didn’t talk to him harshly and also gave me chance to speak. I told them everything, each and every detail which they believed. That girl who was till now standing quietly suddenly started arguing that I was the culprit. She called me criminal, psychopath and many more such words came from her mouth.

Unfair reward for helping a girl

Now we were taken to the police station. We had a big argument there. There was SI who was very calm and tried to understand the situation. After all the things had been spoken he told me to speak honestly whatever had happened there. I again told him everything. I even gave him the number of that guy who was the real culprit. Police inquired about the number. It took almost 3 hours to trace the number and bring him in there. I was now frustrated. I had exams coming in few days and here I was in police station trying to prove myself innocent.

Police brought that person there. Acting as if he didn’t know us, he told the police that he saw us for the first time. The way he spoke to the police I was shocked. Girl nodded with smirk. I just wanted to slap her and that guy. I really didn’t know what the hell was happening. Why was that girl lying? Who was that guy?

Me and my father had no idea what to say now. He knew I was innocent. As this was the case of a girl so police would definitely trust her. But the SI was smart enough. From starting he knew I was innocent. He suddenly asked that guy to hand over his phone. He refused. He started making excuses. But somehow the constable took his phone out of his pocket and gave to him. He opened his photo gallery and saw all the photos. 80% photos in that phone were of both of them. Both were actually in relationship. They were couples for long time. Things were not going good so they met at that place in dark to sort out things between them when that guy became violent and started beating her. He was actually not robbing her but was trying to throw away her purse and destroy all her valuables. Now he was caught red handed. Even before police accused him I went there and gave him a tight slap. Police and my father stopped me and took him away from me. Girl’s brother also gave her 3 slaps in a row for lying. Even that shameless girl didn’t apologize. Her brother asked for apology and told me that he doubted his sister from the beginning. SI praised me for my bravery and told me to help others if such things happen in future. I nodded and went away from there. Back home this news had spread. There were rumours that I molested a girl. I felt very bad about it. Going to a police station is a taboo I learnt there itself. It took few days to tell people and especially my neighbors the truth and things became normal.

Now after this incident that happened three years back when I had no idea about such things going on in this world I decided not to help any girl or boy alone. I started hating girls more than anyone. Still I hate them though not all are like her. But this incident changed me a lot. The way I looked at this world was totally different than the reality. The stupid couples which I see everyday on streets irritates me. Not all couples make good relationship. More than half of them have break ups or few of them become violent.


Source – Anonymous

How to develop Positive Attitude

How to develop Positive Attitude

Success in your life mostly depends on you attitude towards to the world. Some small daily habits can help you develop positive attitude.


#1 Say “thank you” : Change your attitude about life.

Thinking about what we do not have in our life, can leave us feeling frustrated and unhappy. Practicing gratitude requires our brain to think about positive things. We think about what we have, instead of what we do not have. Create a gratitude journal and write in it for 5 minutes each morning when you wake up or just before you go to sleep. List 3 things you are grateful for in your life right now. It can be the simplest of things, such as having a warm bed to sleep in, a roof over your head, a family that loves you, food in your fridge, a dog or cat that you have as your pet. Get specific: if it’s a family member or a close friend, write down which of their qualities you are grateful for.

#2 Adopt a “growth mindset.”

Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” What does this mean? It means that the view you have of yourself will profoundly affect the way you lead your life. For example, if you believe you can think more positively, you can make it happen. Conversely, if you don’t believe in the power of positive thinking, then it doesn’t matter how much others will tell you how great the benefits are. How can you think more positively? Start nurturing a “growth mindset” (versus a fixed mindset). If there’s something about your mindset you don’t like, the good news is – you can change it for the better.

#3 Treat happiness like a habit you can consistently work on.

A happy life cannot exist without you creating it. What does that mean? It means that every day you need to actively look for what you can do to become happier, instead of expecting life to just become happy on its own. How can you do this? Apply some positive psychology to the way you lead your life, and you will feel a more positive impact on your attitude, your motivation, and your relationships with people. Be practical on how you can apply the concept of happiness to daily life, for example in school, the workplace, and in personal relationships.

#4 Instead of saying “I can’t do this right now!” say “Why not?”

We may feel that we can’t do something out of fear, intimidation, reluctance to change the status quo, even just because it feels natural to resist to act. It’s all part of being human. Try working through it with these steps:

  • Think carefully if there is something else hiding behind procrastination. Maybe it is simply the fear of not being able to do something successfully.
  • Next time you feel like saying “I can’t,” ask yourself where the resistance is coming from. Be honest with yourself. Find out what it is so you can do something about it.
  • Think about the benefit of changing your reaction: whenever you say “why not?” you win over fear. There is something really powerful when we leave a little space open for possibilities, instead of shutting the door in our own face. It’s a subtle change in attitude towards ourselves than can have a tremendous impact in our lives.

#5 See your mistakes in a more positive light.

Making mistakes is a normal part of life. It’s how you approach them that matters. Try a different strategy of viewing your past by forgiving yourself for mistakes that you made. Reflect on them, learn from them, but don’t hold on to them. This applies to your relationships, your career, your education, and other areas of your life in which you feel you didn’t achieve what you wanted or underperformed in some way. By changing how you relate to mistakes, you will give yourself more freedom to manage your future more successfully.

#6 Eliminate toxic people from your life.

Toxic people may claim they are your friends, but they are not. What makes them toxic is their negative attitude towards everything, so it’s not likely they can give you a boost of positivity. Be very selective who you spend your free time with, and next time a toxic person wants to monopolize your time, just say no. Tell them you’re busy. Don’t engage in negative banter. You’re better off spending free time on your own doing something that makes you relaxed and happy.

Tips For Staying Healthy

Tips For Staying Healthy


The way you drink water can decide your fitness level.


Avoid drinking water just before or after meals –When we eat food, the body temperature increases due to the formation of a digestive fire. When we drink water just after or before the meals, the body temperature decreases which hinders the digestion process.

Avoid drinking water while standing –When we drink water in a standing position, due to gravity the water hits the food pipe with a larger force which result in the upward movement of the gastric juices of the stomach. This is a medical condition called G.E.R.D (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease.

Always drink water sip by sip –This helps the saliva to move along with the water to stomach. Our saliva is basic in nature and hence helps the stomach overcome acidity if any. Moreover, Science has proven that the saliva produced in our mouth has many medicinal properties.

Let water be the first thing in the morning– The saliva produced overnight is most effective and hence water should be drunk before brushing or rinsing the mouth. Also drinking water early morning improves the bowel movement.

Avoid Chilled water –Chilled water increases weight. Yes! when we drink chilled water, the food inside the stomach tends to solidify and hence in the long run it increases the body weight.

Drink at least 3 liters of water everyday –This helps your body stay hydrated as it is most important to keep the metabolism up.


If the colour of your urine is dark yellow.. – Dehydrated

If the lips are getting parched….- Dehydrated


Everybody must consume a certain quantity of protein irrespective of their age,gender or activity level.

A person who doesn’t workout must or has low activity level should consume protein in grams equal to his/her body weight in kg. This means 60 g of protein for a 60 kg person.

Protein is essential for wear and tear of the body, to keep hair healthy and much more.



Chicken Breast has 30 g of protein/ 100g .

Egg White: 1 egg white has around 4 g of protein.

Fish : 100g of fish has around 25 g of protein.



Black Beans – 19 g protein/100g

Chickpeas – 18 g protein/100g

black chana – 18 g protein/100g

Paneer – 18 g protein/100g

Soya chunks – 52 g protein/100g



timthumbWhenever you get junk food cravings – just tap your forehead for 30 seconds and your food cravings will stop. Try it !!


50 tips for personal growth

50 tips for personal growth

Your personal growth will be determined by what you are capable of doing. How well you communicate with others will account for 50% of your success.

1. Try to be a good presenter in office meetings. It will lead you to a successful career.

2. Do what you love. Don’t follow the crowd, find your own way.


3. Limit your social website activities.

4. Not only learn from success stories, learn from failure stories. Find why they failed and learn from it.

5. Avoid wasting time on porn sites.

6. Be creative. Maintain a journal to list your creative ideas.

7. Chase your dreams and vision. Success will eventually follow you.

8. Control your emotions and try to be proactive.

9. Make an awesome and productive video which is related with your career and upload it to your YouTube account.

10. Be practical. Life will be easy.

11. When you are working, only use your smartphone for calling, not for any other purpose like gaming, checking notifications etc.

12. Make a daily routine and strictly follow it.

13. Learn more than 2 languages.

14. Read self help books like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari-Robin Sharma, Outliers-Malcolm Gladwell.

15. Avoid stressful relationships. Focus on your career and make plans.

16. Work with the best people in your field and learn from them.

17. Always come to the office on time.

18. Stop chasing and impressing the opposite sex (or the same sex).

19.Don’t be materialistic.

20. Expect nothing from anyone.

21. Always try to give your 100% effort.

22. Build powerful habits.

23. Memorize your colleagues and subordinates names.

24. Understand office politics.

25. Be mysterious and never express everything.

26. Learn excel advanced level which is the most underrated skill in the world. Still most powerful skill.

27. Improve your leadership skills by enhancing communication skills and negotiation skills.

28. Learn programming, web design and graphics design.

29. Take up any interesting hobby like playing guitar,photography, blogging. It will accelerate your career.

30. Be a better listener and meet new people.

31. Attitude of continuous improvement and life-long learning.

32. Be disciplined.

33. Do meditation everyday.

34. Attend numerous workshops, training.

35. Get highest degree on your academic subject.

36. Love yourself and take care of your health.

37. Spend less time on the Internet.

38. Do Visualization.

39. Spend time with creative and great people.

40. Do volunteer jobs.

41. Help people.

42. Be curious and ask questions all the time.

43. Learn martial arts. It will help to lead you to be a strong person and have tough mentality.

44. Leave your bed early in the morning and run 1 km.

45. Never procrastinate to complete your work.

46. According to Harvard business review, one of the quickest ways to learn something new, and to practice it, is to teach others how to do it. So share what you learn with your team, your manager, or your co-workers.

47. Try to act like you are confident and can handle everything. Fake it till you make it.

48. Be positive and learn from your faults.

49. Be ambitious, think big and divide your work into small portions.

50. Make a career plan of next 10 years. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years? When you have a plan, you will know what you have to do for achieving great success.

’50’ Good Luck!!

How to get cash from ATM

How to get cash from ATM

After demonetization of 500  and 1000 rupees notes by the government, every one is running short of cash. Many ATMs are without cash. The ATMs that have cash have long queue. How to get cash ??



People are suffering as they now have no money to transact. Moreover, many have stormed the banks to exchange their money but that’s not an easy task. The banks have been overcrowded with a huge number of people further making the task even more difficult.



How to find ATMs in your locality that have cash ??

Some apps and websites claim to inform on which ATMs have cash in a particular locality. But As it turns out these are fake. Believe us, there is no such app or website that gives correct information. Because the banks have not given any portal for gathering such info.

However, you can follow some simple tips to get cash.

  1. Visit the bank where you have an account. Bank employees will be willing to provide their own customers with notes of their choice of denomination. Average waiting time would be an hour. You can get maximu
  2. Ask the bank employees, what is their ATM cash filling schedule. ATM machines are getting empty within 2/3 hours of  cash refill. You should visit the ATM just after their cash refill schedule.
  3. Visit the ATMs of private banks. The centralized banks usually have more customers and hence the long queues. Whereas private banks have equal cash but lesser customers. Hence less rush.

Happy banking!!